men with no face

Once there was a man with no face whom everyone loved because they didn't have to (in fact couldn't) express their love to his face. They called him Faceless Freddy. In turn, he loved everyone who loved him, because he couldn't face the prospect of not loving them.

Sadly, however, one day Faceless Freddy found his face. From then on nobody recognised him and so ultimately they killed him because they didn't (in fact, couldn't) love anyone or anything that was unrecognisable. Being as they all were prosopagnostics the emergence of that old "us vs them" syndrome was pretty much inevitable.

You see, Faceless Freddy had been born an utlänning, became a framling as a little boy. Losing his face at the age of thirteen marked his coming of age, the point at which he became a ramen in the eyes of the community. And many years later, when he found his face, he was deemed a varelse, with all that that entails (mainly pain, suffering and death).

Faceless Freddy the man who lost then found his face and died for it was related to the man with 52 faces, one for every week in the year. That man was called Sunface because every Sunday he put on a different face.

One day Sunface accidentally put on the wrong face, so they killed him. In his last Will and Testament was written that all his stuff should go to his best buddy, the Man with Everyone's Face, named Every Face. To put it another way, Every Face's face was the face of anyone who looked at him.

One day when Every Face was walking down a busy street a little imp from hell handed him a mirror. He looked into the mirror and turned to stone. Then, suddenly nobody had a face. Nobody at all in the entire community. So they killed him.

And that was the end of Faceless Freddy the Freak and all of his faceless faithless kin, many of whom were not even related to him or to anyone else.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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