a certain doorway

There is a certain Doorway through which some have crossed over to other places, other dimensions, from which few if any return. Some say the Doorway is a Painting, a Magic Painting. Others say it is a device---a stargate, a portal, a wormhole---created by unknown and unknowable beings in the singularity at the very heart of the Cosmos.

Mathematicians believe it is a flaw in the geometry of spacetime. More sensible people perceive it as an actual, material door (made of wood, stone, plastic, metal, ivory or any other substance for that matter in any known or unknown universe, including the strange substance of which the Philosopher’s Stone is made).

The Doorway makes itself known at crucial turning points in a person’s life. The Doorway appears in dreams and visions. It materialises miraculously at moments of peace and stillness, when the multitude of clasping clutching things required to sustain the illusion of self retreats snarling with frustration into the lower circles of hell.

It also materialises at moments of great turmoil and misery in a person's life, offering an escape to those able to recognise the possibility.

But to see the Doorway is one thing. To walk through it is another. It takes a brave heart indeed to enter those domains that lie beyond.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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