cryptic palimpsestic transcript

Some paintings have messages written upon them. Some of those messages are meaningful, some cryptic. Some are unreadable. Therefore, to help painting viewers gain a deeper understanding of those paintings and their messages, this post is a transcript of some of the more important but less meaningful messages carried on some of those paintings.

"Once upon a time in a country in a land that you may call Earth, Norst Soust friend will never..."

"Now [how (?)] can I begin to describe the horror of that day in December 1955, the 12th to be exact, when the tail of a monstrous comet swept over the face of the Earth, the day the very..."

"So he says to her he says what the fuck do you think you are doing but the really sad thing is..."

"In all the years I have been on this planet, I have never been more embarrassed as when the day..."

"How often do the … it’s incredible to me now to get the real ‘skinny’ an hour and why the whole place the cosmos and everything works in the words, then..."

"The way to go is always nearer and also further so you can choose…"

"…to get back to the original that you my friend will be..."

"Incredible though it may seem you can never..."

"Can you believe. The purpose of life then as now has always continued to be less about getting there and more about remembering where you’ve come from."

"This is the story of a sad scientist and a time machine."

"…is said and done, at the end of the day the bottom line is that to get to where you want to go you need you must go."

"When I was a boy the idea that you are somehow ‘entitled to a life in which everything goes according to some kind of Plan’ would not have been contemplated, let alone countenanced. It is all very well but let me ask you with tears in my eyes, who in the name of all that is good and holy, and by ‘holy’ I mean unholy, as if there is any difference at all, and if you really want to know I don’t care."

"The young man stood at the entrance to Hell and had the sheer audacity to demand an audience with Satan, the Great Imposter, and to his amazement he found himself in the presence of the Angel, the fallen..."

"I cannot tell a lie but I know how to die. No matter where you go..."

"Can you imagine how I felt when my own flesh and blood could do this to me against..."

"I can’t believe feint hour easily..."

"I painted this painting over a number of centuries ending in the year July 2000."

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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